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Future Holder Rewards

It's important for us to reward loyal holders of Block9 Dogs. Meaningful rewards will come in the form of:

Reward Auctions

  • SOL (future potential)

  • NFTS (future potential)

Holder Access Phases

  • Unique access phases (future potential)

$POWER Deflation

  • Sustained from future revenue generated by BidHub

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Reward Auctions

Generated and run by Block9, auctions that allow our community to redeem rewards.


Key Features:​

  • Bid in $POWER, the collection Staking token

  • No bid fees

  • Rewards such as; SOL distribution, NFTs swept from the market, WL slots, Merch

  • Can be for all POWER holders, or gated to current PFP holders only


  • Giving back to the community in auctions via our native staking token. A way to get meaningful rewards, with no cost to the community.

  • Collected $POWER will be burned reducing total supply.

Money Mint Reward Auction
Exclusive Holder Access Bidding Phases
Bidhub Configure Phases

As part of our sales package, Block9 will negotiate exclusive holder access phases for some auctions.


Key Features:​

  • Exclusive access to some of our most sought after auctions

  • Holder only bidding phases


  • Bidding against fewer wallets.

  • Increases the probability of buying at a great price.

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Sustainable Rewards

We are an established team building for the long haul. That's why we need to be able to sustain rewards indefinitely. ​

Our rewards structure is backed by potential profits generated from BidHub. That means, as long as we are running profitable auctions, then the rewards are sustainable.


We have built this in the bear market, running a wide range of different auctions and collecting data around how people enjoy using BidHub. This is so that we can scale with a great, fun product as the demand increases. 


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Referral Reward 

Get 5% of BH fees for referring a seller

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