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Increasing Profit & Utilization for DePIN


The Problem

Pricing assets perfectly during fluctuating supply & demand is difficult

"If you price an asset or service incorrectly then you risk missing out on revenue or risk not selling your full capacity"

When you are selling an asset or service, setting the right price point is critical:

  • Set too high - there will be a lack of customers willing to pay that price.

  • Set too low - your assets/capacity will sell out quickly but you will not have achieved your full revenue potential. 

  • Set perfectly - supply and demand fluctuates, therefore, the perfect price only exists for a short period of time.


The Solution 

BidHub Logo

Dynamic pricing to reduce increase revenue & utilization

  • A payment solution that allows market sentiment to drive dynamic pricing.

  • A fusion of fixed price & 'offer' based buying depending on supply vs demand.

  • Depending on the level of supply vs demand the platform allows:

    • High demand - the price can be set though competitive offers by customers. 

    • Equal supply and demand - the price is fixed for all.

    • Low demand - offers can be submitted below fixed price or instant purchase at fixed price.

  • Built on Solana, BidHub is capable of selling in SOL/USDC or any SPL token.

  • We provide a fast, smooth user experience with a focus on 'minimum clicks to buy'.

  • The platform handles all currency transactions & refunds of rejected offers in real-time.

  • All transactions can be viewed on-chain providing a transparent, fair process.

Auction Types


We will work with you to create a seamless payment experience for your customers

"BidHub will work with you to customize your payment flow"

Our aim is simple; to improve clients revenue and utilization within their own platform.

This means that we will integrate the BidHub payment system into your existing infrastructure. To achieve this we have:

  • Full stack developer support that can work independently, or with your team to ensure seamless purchase flow.

  • UX/UI support that can work with your existing brand guidelines, or we can integrate your own UI designs to our payment backend.

  • Options to allow full customization of the supply to demand price mechanism. Choose whether you want some or all of the mechanisms embedded. 

  • A private interface where you can see live purchases, analyze transactions & update sales parameters.

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