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Preface - It Never Used To Be Like This

That night was just the beginning… the suspicion, the fear, the distrust of anyone outside your block.


Pups are told stories of a time when all districts ran together as one; a pack that looked after each other. It sounds like a fairytale today.


Now, you’re lucky if you can walk two streets over without getting sniffed at like you’re an alien. God forbid you run up against a border between two blocks. Those areas are like warzones.


Full of cartel guard dogs with puffed up chests and trigger happy teeth. It’s carnage.

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Block9 border guards

Entry 1 - The Blocks

In the heart of the city, where concrete canyons stretch high & graffiti-stained alleyways snake through the blocks, the dogs rule the streets. This is no ordinary urban jungle; it's a world where loyalty, betrayal & survival, clash with the beat of the city's pulse.

These streets aren't easy, a puzzle of towering buildings and curbsides. One wrong turn could lead you down a path of no return. You're not in Kansas anymore; you're in the belly of a concrete beast, where the neon signs flicker like the distant stars and the shadows hold secrets darker than midnight.


Every dog has a story, every pup a path to choose. A stray pup is a far cry from a lone wolf, & the wise ones knew it. "We are stronger together," they would say, a mantra for survival on the block.

Amidst the chaos of life in the inner city, there is one name that sends shivers down every spine. Don Pawsolini, head of the Canine Cartel, he controls every block except one.

The Don dresses to impress, always radiating a charm that masks his dark intentions.


His mission is simple, yet deadly; to dominate Block9, the final piece of his empire.

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Don Pawolini

Entry 2 - Don Pawsolini is Oppressing Us

As we moved through the city's labyrinth of streets and alleyways, we could feel the tension building. The Canine Cartel's presence is suffocating, the weight of their power pushing down on the city. 

The clash was fierce, the streets are turning into a battleground. The barking, the growling, the screeching – it was chaos, an orchestra of defiance that refused to be silenced. We cannot continue like this.

The outcome remains uncertain, but one thing is clear. Today, the first shot was fired in a battle that could reshape the destiny of the city.


Don Pawsolini's ambition knows no bounds, and the fight for Block9 has only just begun.

B9 first shot fired
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Entry 3 - It's Time for Change

Tonight, the heartbeat of rebellion echoes through the basements of Block9. 

We are an alliance forged in the shadows, dogs from every walk of life, every corner of this besieged block. Max Liberty, the spirited mongrel with a coat of fur that tells a tale of survival; he has formed this uprising.

The atmosphere in the hidden den is a mix of passion and determination. Our plans bear witness to our collective desire for liberation. We are here not out of obligation but out of a shared dream—a dream of reclaiming The District from the clutches of the Canine Cartel.

Liberty, leaning over the map of The District, addresses the gathering. His voice, a symphony of defiance, rises above the murmur of the assembled dogs...

"Fellow Block9ers, tonight we stand at the tip of change! The Canine Cartel thinks they can stomp on our freedom, but they don't know the spirit that courses through our veins. We are not just dogs; we are warriors of the resistance!"

"This alliance is our strength. They may have the numbers, they may have the influence, but we have something they can never understand—unity!"


My fur stood on end tonight. The spark of defiance has been lit, and it will grow into a blazing inferno that will either free Block9 or consume us all. As I close this entry, I can't help but feel the pulse of history beneath our paws.


Block9 Resistance meeting
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Entry 4 - The District

I'm just starting to grasp this place. I've been told numerous times "to make it around here, you've got to understand The District". Smarter dogs than me have failed because they don't understand the unwritten rules.

The District used to be a nice place, but there's a shadow cast here now. A tension in the air, deserted streets only patrolled by the Canine Cartel.

I've been told about the 9 Blocks:

Block1 - The Courts - This was the hub of street dog life; impromptu games popping up, all dogs welcome. Now it's a different type of court, a judgement area for the Canine Cartel victims - Stay clear!

Block2 - The Kennels - Don Pawsolini took control here first, manipulating the dogs who had no other way. The pups here are pressed into a life of crime, they have little else. We need to bring them into the resistance.

Block3 - Downtown - The Don has his HQ here, Pawsolini Towers. His penthouse looms over the rest of The District. This is the fortress of his empire.

Block4 - The Lake - Family packs used to relax here at weekends, now it's a desolate area littered with Pawsolini propaganda.

Block5 - The Market - The stands still survive, but most vendors don't open up any more. Those that do have the price fixed by the Canine Cartel.

Block6 - The Bars - One of the few areas that gets busy now. B
y night it's bustling punchbowl for the gang dogs looking for a good time. Disputes are often taken across the road to The Courts to be... resolved.

Block7 - Central Square - That statue, it needs to go! Don Paswolini doesn't deserve to be preserved in time.

Block8 - Suburbia - Residents here have tried to wall themselves in, but it's not that easy. There's still a strong Cartel presence here. There's something bubbling up though, and there are rumors the resistance tunnel network stretches all the way to Block9.

Block9 - BidHub HQ - The last free block. The Don has no control here... but he wants it. BidHub HQ runs the last free market. There's no price fixing here, dogs pay what they want, when they want. The walls are high and the guards are well trained. Can we hold out against the Canine Cartel? We are the underdogs, but we have resilience and determination!

The District
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Entry 5 - Shadows of Captivity

The air in Block9 has shifted, and a shiver runs down my spine as whispers of distress sweep through the alleyways. The Don has heard about the planned resistance, The Canine Cartel, ever relentless, has begun its hunt for the freedom fighters.


Today, as the sun dipped below the horizon, casting an ominous hue over the city, news reached our hideout that the Cartel's iron grip has tightened. The Don, with his merciless charm and a network of informants, is closing in on our comrades.


The basement of the Canine Cartel HQ, a place where shadows dance with malevolence, has become a chamber of dread. It's said that the Don, with his eyes that betray no hint of mercy, descends into the depths of cruelty. There, in the subterranean silence, resistance fighters are forced into the unforgiving spotlight, their secrets extracted like meat from the bone.


In this moment of darkness, I find solace in the unity of Block9. We share a determination that refuses to be extinguished, a flame that flickers against the encroaching shadows. Yet, the knowledge that some among us may be enduring the merciless scrutiny deep in the bowels of the Cartel's fortress is a haunting reminder of the cost of our defiance.


As we brace ourselves for the trials ahead, I can't help but wonder if the Don realizes that every interrogation, every capture, fuels the spirit of resistance. In the face of his cruelty, the dogs of Block9 stand undeterred, a testament to the indomitable will that courses through our veins.

In the shadows of captivity, we find strength. In the silence, our bark resonates louder than ever.

Boomtail and The Don Interrogating

Entry 6 - Critical Supplies

Today, the winds of change swept through the heart of Block9, carrying with them the chance of liberation.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting its golden hues upon the city, word spread like wildfire. The secret shipment, a lifeline to our cause, manifested in the form of crates tucked away in the back of a cargo plane. 

Each weapon, cold to the touch, became a symbol of our resistance. The glint of metal reflected the determination in our eyes.

As we inspected the arsenal; rifles, pistols, and a glimmering cache of something special... secret passes. The gravity of the moment struck us. We have a real chance.

Now we must get the weapons out to our loyalists, those willing to die for the cause. We can only entrust them to our core pack. It wont be immediate, but we will get them to all.

As I pen down these words, I can't help but feel the weight of responsibility on our shoulders. The weapons are not just an answer to the Canine Cartel's tyranny of price fixing; they are a beacon that offers the uprising its path to enhanced rewards. 

weapons delivery

Entry 7 - Ignition Day

Today marked the dawn of a rebellion cut into the streets of The District — the day the battle against the Canine Cartel ignited. As sunlight kissed the walls, the dogs of Block9 gathered, paws pressed against concrete, declaring an end to the Cartel's reign. It is time to rise.

The city, once shrouded in oppression, became a canvas for the uprising. The first clash erupted at the block's borders, where Cartel enforcers met the unyielding spirit of the rebellion. Every street and alley transformed into a theater of war.

Boomtail, the Cartel's ruthless enforcer, stood against us, his loyalty tethered to the dirty weapons of the oppressors. Block9, once a target, emerged as a fortress of resistance. Each corner bore witness to the clash between irreconcilable forces.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting shadows over the battlefield, I felt a surge of pride. The battle against the Canine Cartel had begun, and the city stood on the brink of emancipation.

To the day the streets echoed with defiance,

We do not know how this story will end, but we know what we have achieved so far. We fight for the cause!

battle start

Entry 8 - Victory's Embrace

Today, Block9 echoed with the triumphant chorus of freedom, as the rebellion faced down the oppressive Canine Cartel. The air crackled with the remnants of battle—clashes, yelps, and the unmistakable scent of victory.

Boomtail, once a formidable henchman for the Canine Cartel, now lay injured. The uprising of Block9, united and defiant, had prevailed against the shadows that sought to strangle our liberty.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the streets transformed into a celebration of emancipation. Block9, bathed in the warm hues with the promise of freedom. Dogs from every corner of our resilient community came together, sharing tales of bravery, and reveling in the collective victory.

The night became a tapestry of parties that danced into the wee hours. Bonfires illuminated the faces of dogs who had faced adversity and emerged triumphant. Laughter, once stifled by the Cartel's oppression, echoed through the alleyways, and the once-muted spirit of Block9 roared with life.


Entry 9 - Battle is Over, The War Begins ...

Today, the city awoke to a new era, a chapter written in the ink of liberation. The once-mighty Canine Cartel has crumbled, its grandeur reduced to the rubble of its oppressive reign. The streets, once under the shadow of fear, now bask in the dawn of freedom.

The news echoed through Block9; Don Pawsolini, the puppet master behind the Cartel's tyranny, now wears the chains of justice. The arrest sent ripples of vindication through the rebel hearts. The once-imposing figure, draped in the finery of oppression, was now a symbol of accountability.

Block3 the Canine Cartels former stronghold became a gathering place for celebration and reflection. Dogs from every corner of our resilient community came together, their eyes reflecting the shared triumph over the forces that sought to silence us. The day marked not just the fall of a tyrant but the rise of a liberated district.

As we reveled in the victory, a sense of responsibility settled upon us. The battle was over, but the war for the district's soul had just begun. The Canine Cartel's demise left a void, a vacuum that begged to be filled with something better, something for the whole district.

It was amidst this spirit that the idea of BidHub took root—a platform to foster collaboration, innovation, and shared prosperity. No longer shackled by the Cartel's chains, BidHub could now evolve into a force for good, a tool to uplift the entire district. The time for individual pursuits had passed; now, we had the chance to build a future that benefited us all.

The Battle is over, but The War is Just Beginning!


Our district, now stands at the precipice of a renaissance. Let BidHub be the catalyst for a united, thriving community. As the sun sets on the era of tyranny, let it rise on the dawn of collective progress.


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