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Art - Those Damn Dogs!

BLOCK9 delivers more than just great utility.

We know the struggles of finding a pfp that you resonate with. As we say on the block, we all got that dog in us.


Our art has been masterfully created by SKULLFACE to create a jaw dropping collection with attitude.

Prison Dog
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Let's talk about what makes a great profile picture.


Surroundings. Subject. Personality.


Each type conveys a different emotional message, changing around the character of your final image.

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The feel of your dog will be vastly different depending upon the lighting and background conditions:


Harsh, gentle, warm light, cool, and anything in between.

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We want every dog to be relatable with someone. That means having a variety of traits while also keeping the collection as an easily recognizable brand.


Although we have only offered a sneak peek here, strap in as the final collection will blow you away.

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