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Auction types

We can accommodate a wide range of auction types to meet a sellers requirements.


  • New Collection Mints

  • Collection Presale

  • Collection Upgrades

Community Auctions

  • Reward Auctions in SOL or SPLs

  • Outcome Auctions

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Web 2/3 digital sales

  • Service Auctions

  • Merch Auctions

  • Membership Auctions

New Collection Mints:

Where users bid for NFTs in a collection mint.

Key Features:​

  • Bulk mints of any size.

  • Auctions in SOL or any SPL token, such as an existing collections native currency.

  • Customizable start price, minimum bid step up, media & content.

  • Customizable phases including wallet gated WL.

  • Factors in any pre sold or held back NFTs.

Unique Benefits:

  • Price vs Demand optimization.

  • Potential for sales revenue to far exceed a fixed price mint.

  • Option to have WL after public mint to guarantee WL the best price.

BidHub Mint
New Collection Mints:
Community - Reward Auctions:

Where users bid for a chance to win prizes. It can be used for existing collections to reward their holders, or for lottery/raffle style profit auctions.


Key Features:​

  • Customizable number of winning prize slots, start price and outbid step. 

  • Auctions in SOL or any SPL token.

  • Customizable media and content.

  • Seller chosen prizes such as Crypto, NFTs or Art upgrades.

Unique Benefits:

  • Fun reward mechanism for holders. Successful bidders win prizes in exchange for SPL tokens or SOL.

  • Allows collections to harvest back distributed tokens.

  • Adds deflationary pressure to a token if collected tokens are burned.

BidHub Reward Auction
Web 2/3
Web 2/3 Digital Auctions - Selling Services or 'Physicals':

Where users bid for a service or physical item. Examples:

  • A music artist selling VIP access passes.

  • A cloud provider selling storage data.

  • A retailor selling limited edition merch.

Key Features:​

  • Bespoke service catering to your selling needs.

  • Auctions in SOL or any SPL token, such as an USDC.

  • Customizable media, content and samples.

Unique Benefits:

  • Perfect supply vs demand sales price discovery.

  • Access for web 2 companies to sell in digital currencies.

  • Transparent on-chain proof of bidding and sales history.

  • Outsourcing web3 front/backend to a reputable platform.

BidHub Merch Auction
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