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Selling with BidHub

BidHub aligns supply & demand to price with its exhilarating auctions.

Reasons why selling with BidHub is a winning move:

Uncapped Profit

  • Auction based selling has no capped upside

  • Extend your runway with additional profit

  • Deliver more to your customers

Full Customization

  • Design the auction how you like; graphically & operationally 

  • Sell in SOL or any SPL token (inc Token 22)

  • Full support from Block9 Team

Low Fees

  • Competitor beating fees, choose from:

    • "No fee unless you make more than fixed price"

    • Low fixed platform fee

    • Fixed revenue percentage

Uncapped Profit

Key Features:​​

  • The auction mechanism means that you have unlimited upside when selling with BidHub

  • Take the majority of the profit from first level price discovery instead of giving it to marketplaces


Who wouldn't want more profit?!... but there's more to it. Generating more profit allows you maximize your runway and deliver more to your customers.

Similar to kickstarters, this allows you to attract more value with variable roadmaps.

eg. If we make over 5000 SOL then we add 'X feature' or deliver 'X merch' to buyers.

What's even better is that there will be a range of different purchase prices, which means that if you are going to a secondary market then there won't be huge buy/ sell walls at certain prices.

BidHub No Capped Sales
Uncapped Profit
Full Customization
BidHub Customization

Key Features:

  • ​Sell in SOL or any Solana SPL token, including token 22 format.

  • Choose; type of auction, quantity of winning slots, minimum bid price, outbid step, duration, fee price per bid, and more...

  • Design the page around your style with changeable banners, item images, key bullet point & project descriptions. Capable of displaying gifs & embedded images.

  • WL fixed price phases, with wallet gating.

  • Unlimited number of phases each with different parameters.


  • Fun for your buyers. More excitement than a standard sale; with live bidding metrics, updates on active or refunded bids, and loyalty rewards to coming soon.

  • Anti bot mitigation due to not being a First Come First Serve (FCFS) sale.

Low Fees for Sellers

Fee package options:

  • "No fee unless you make more than a fixed price" - If you have a fixed price benchmark, then we will not take any fees unless you make more.

eg. fixed price was going to be 1 SOL. We will take fees from the additional revenue you make on the average sale price above 1 SOL.

  • Fixed Revenue Percentage - Pre agreed set percentage of total revenue as our fee. 

eg. 1% of all sales volume

  • Fixed low platform fee - Pre agreed fixed amount to be paid no matter how successful the auction is

eg. 50 SOL fixed price.

All fees are discussed and agreed with the sellers. Quantity & Price point will be factored in.

Ready to sell; Speak with the team in Discord today. 

BidHub No Fees
Low Fees

Let's Think Outside the Box

BidHub is capable of:

  • Auctions for anything that you like! - We can sell anything in a competitive auction and provide a list of winning wallets and full on-chain history

  • NFT mints

  • WL gated phases

  • Presale auctions

  • Merch or Physicals auctions

  • Membership auctions

  • Betting auctions on the outcome of an event

  • Money or prize auctions, where winners are randomly distributed prizes from a pool

If you have a specific auction type we haven't mentioned, we can likely run it. Speak with our team.

Outside the Box

We can be Hands On or Hands Off

We offer a number team services to use BidHub depending on what you want:

  • Auction Basic - We setup and customize a mint/sales page. We handle bidding and backend payment/ bid refunds for your project. We produce a list of winning wallets, a list of all bid history and send your profits to a nominated wallet. You are responsible for airdropping your NFTs to the winning wallets.

  • Auction & Distribute (In addition to everything in the Basic package) - Prior to mint you send us your fully minted NFTs or prizes. On close of auction we distribute the prizes in a fully randomized order to winning wallets.

  • Create, Auction & Distribute (In addition to everything in the Auction & Distribute) - Our dev team creates any NFTs or assets from your artwork, uploads them to the immutable web.

  • We aren't a marketing house... but... we we fully support all marketing and media, work with you to host spaces/ama'sleverage our team and 10k+ followers to support your auctions.

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