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The Problem

We can improve how we buy and sell on Solana. There are some fundamental challenges to tackle.

"We think it's time to change for the better"

For Buyers:

  • Accessing the best opportunities is difficult, first come first serve sales favor bots, and raffles rely on luck.

  • Control on how much a buyer pays is often fixed; buying at a profitable entry price is hard.

  • There's space for new fun buying experiences that don't rely of luck of a raffle or getting in before everyone else.


For Sellers:

  • Matching sale price to demand is difficult, if you get it wrong then you don't attract buyers, or you leave development money on the table.


The Solution is

BidHub Logo

BidHub - A fun, auction platform that will change on-chain sales

  • A versatile sales platform that benefits buyers and sellers. It is capable of optimizing sales for NFTs, physical assets or services, all on-chain.

  • Built on Solana, BidHub is capable of selling in SOL or any SPL token, such as; $BONK, $DUST or $POWER.

  • It provides a fun, smooth user experience with live auction metrics displayed.

  • The backend handles all currency transactions, refunds and fee collections in real-time.

  • All transactions can be viewed on-chain through the platform providing a transparent, fair process.

Auction Types

"Versatility is everything"

We can accommodate a wide range of auction types to meet a sellers requirements.

BidHub is capable of more than just collection mints. We have auctions that offer:

  • Prizes & rewards to the communities bidding in SPLs.

  • Pooled winnings for bidders backing one side of an event outcome. eg the floor price of a collection 1 hour after mint.

  • Presale slots to the highest bidders.

  • Competitive raffles in which the users bid to be part of a sought after raffle.

Auction Types
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