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The native staking token that makes the Block9 ecosystem revolve

Per Day

For Staking B9 Dogs

250 Million

Total Supply

3 Halvings

Inflation > Deflation


$POWER is the token you will receive for staking Block9 Dogs.

Initially there will be a rapid distribution phase where $POWER quickly moves into the hands our collectors, the aim is that this will transition to a phase where scarcity is introduced by slowing the rate of distribution and introducing deflationary measures.



  • $POWER is accumulated by staking BLOCK9 Dogs at a rate of 60 $POWER per day.

Token Contract address:

  • PowerBhXnjVZsDKic8Zkv2GgPwyu4TFnCjxNrKNVeDb

$POWER is tradeable on Raydium & other DEXs

Block9 Power Token 1
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Distribution Schedule & Halvings
Block9 Power Token 2

Initially, B9 Dogs will earn 60+ power per 24hrs period when staked.

Halving's slow down the rate of $POWER earned by staking. There are fixed halving's to align with key supply distribution points:


  • 50% of $POWER has been distributed - daily staking reward reduces to 30 per day.

  • 75% of $POWER has been distributed - daily staking reward reduces to 15 per day.

  • 83% of $POWER has been distributed - daily staking reward reduces to 7.5 per day.

This is an important feature that allows power to shift from inflation to deflation. 

Deflation a Sustainable Solution

The emission schedule will gradually shift towards deflation. We have shown above how this will be initiated through halvings, however, there is another deflationary mechanism.


We will consider allocating a portion of any future project profits towards buying $POWER from the market. Equally, some of the power bought could be burned forever.

Block9 POWER Burn
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